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Scandinavian trend - Spinning rods, soft baits, wobblers and premium clothing

Life and the time we can spend of fishing is just too short so we need to make sure we always use the right lures. The innovations of this Danish brands convinced planty of anglers all around the world. The company is constantly working to develop products that will be appreciated by the fish. The superb quality and the innovation is that make this brand so successful. It is time to use them in our waters, isn’t it?


Famous Japanese wobblers

Japanese brand with global presence. YO-ZURI & DUEL offers countless option sfrom deep sea fishing to ultralight fishing. Even on the extremely demanding Japanese market these are two of the most popular brands. There are not many countries on the globe where these products are unknown.


Wobblers in excellent quality

Since 2007, Lurefans has grown to be the most excellent tackle company, specializing in designing and developing with more than 40 patents on tackle design and Utility Model Technology. All products are manufactured with perfect production craft. The first great honor is the record -setting of catching the biggest largemouth black bass in China back in 2009. (65 cm) At the same time we have the pride to keep many records of catching the most and the biggest native fish species. Up to know three series of products can be offered: hard lures, soft lures and fishing rods. Our eternal goal is to pursue the perfection at home and abroad and create the unique lure for everybody.


Ultralight soft baits and lifelike worms

History of FishUp began after production of several insects imitations. Initially, those lures have been made for personal use only, but they turned out to be really useful and effective, that led to their immediate popularity among anglers and fishermen. Those positive reviews about catchability and effectiveness have urged us to launch our project, which is based on desire to create high-quality, highly efficient and affordable product.


Premium hooks

Back in 1856, a 16-year-old boy of the Zhan family manufactured BKK’s very first hook. The young teen didn’t know that his small action would be the driving force that would make BKK the high-quality company it is today. BKK counts on a factory employing some 600 people, an office in Japan and an office in Shanghai managing international sales, marketing, and branding. An undevoted passion to fishing drives a committed team of anglers from Europe, China and Southeast Asia in the research, creation, and testing of what we believe are simply the best hooks you can choose, created by anglers for anglers.


Premium braided line from Japan

Japanese manufacturers are known to pay attention to quality and at YGK they really do it on a masterful level. The company has several patents, and unique manufacturing mechanisms have been developed to maximize all important parameters of the cord. The cords are strong, faithful to size, quiet, do not fluff and do not lose their color. Even with the most severe use, it is safe to say that YGK products are not made for one season. Although they often try to keep this a secret, in many cases premium cords from other manufacturers are also made in the YGK factory.


Unique soft baits

It started in France and in just 5 years it became one of the most wanted brands on the continent. The Black Minnow is a super realistic soft lure which is so versatile that can be used both in sea and fresh water fishing.

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What’s best, the chase or the catch? The patient waiting, the sudden
rush, or the joy of sharing the moment with friends? We all have our
reasons. Get hooked on fishing with Kinetic.

Kinetic was founded in 1999 and has over twenty years of experience in
fishing gear. Our products are durable with a focus on value for money.
This year we have extended our range with many new products. Enjoy