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Our company is specialized in importing quality fishing products to the Hungarian market and supplying a network of retailers.

The members of Fahal Ltd. are anglers most importantly and have vaste experience in business management. All the products represented by our company are thoroughly tested before they become part of our product portfolio. We only believe in long-term business relationships. Credibility and reliability are some of our key values.

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Angling is a great hobby which has an increasing popularity in the region. We are also happy to see that the community of C&R anglers is growing day by day.

The more fish we release the more difficult it may becomes to trick them again because there is a chance that they will recognize certain lures. According to our own experience fish may remember the vibration, color and sound of the lures that hookem them once. We are positive that in order to remain successful we always need to use new techniques and products.

Fahal Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of the brands it represents with a warehouse located in Budapest. As a wholesale company we do not sell to end-users, we only supply retailers. The goal of our website is a brief introduction of our brands. Should you be interested to make a purchase you are welcome to do so in the shops of any of our retail partners.

Fahal Pro Team

We are proud to introduce our pro team. All members are talented and enthusiastic anglers. They all have one thing in common. They are actively looking for the best and most succesful fishing products so that they can write exciting reviews.

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Gajdos Anikó

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Pusztai Attila

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